BBShares Diversified Alpha Portfolio

A leading digital currency hedge fund in Asia

Invest in cryptocurrency securely, reliably, transparently and in compliance.

Founded by top wall street bankers and digital asset experts, BBShares is specialized in digital currency asset investment. BBShares is a leading digital currency hedge fund in Asia, with independent and licensed service providers such as fund administrator, fiat bank, custodian and auditor in either U.S. or Singapore. We employ a multi-strategy approach, which includes long/short, arbitrage, quantitative, selection, and hedging. The fund is registered with Cayman Island Monetary Authority (CIMA) and is open to accredited or institutional investors.

Investment Scope Investment Strategy Subscription/ Redemption Fee Investor Qualifications
Large capital digital assets; digital currency futures The Company will allocate the portfolio capital among various quantitative trading strategies according to the market regime. 0~5% / 0~5% (Subject to term agreement with broker) Non-US accredited investors
Minimum Investment Requirement Management Fee Performance Fee Fund Registration
$100,000 initial subscription/$50,000 subsequent subscription 2% annually 20% Cayman Island